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September 2010 News Bulletin 1

“There are a thousand details which I should desire to know before I decide upon our course of action.  Yet we have not a moment to lose.”



The Sherlockian ship weighs anchor on Sunday 26 September 2010 for yet another action packed season of adventures.  Click on About the Crew / 2010-2011 Sailing Schedule to catch the wave!  More detail can be found in The Look Out supplement which was recently issued to members.

Mayday Mayday makes a Century!

Our regular monthly newsletter celebrates its 100th issue this month.  Full details of our regular sailings, also crew news and info as well as the ship’s log for the May and June sailings are included in this four page edition.  Our ‘News etc’ feature is dominated by the reaction to the Sherlock drama series which was greeted by popular acclaim when it was shown on BBC One recently.

Sherlock to Return.

The hugely successful Sherlock drama series is due to return in Autumn 2011.  Three more 90-minute episodes of the drama series have been commissioned for BBC One,  the BBC Press Office announced on 28 August 2010.  Writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat say that “There will be old friends and new enemies – whether on four or two legs.”  Speculation is rife that The Hound of the Baskervilles  could be the inspiration for one of the new plots.


Canadian Showcase for Sherlock.

The first episode of BBC’s Sherlock drama aired in Canada, on Showcase, on Friday 10 September 2010.  There’s a dedicated page at


Cat and Mouse Games in Baker Street.

Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes, a full length feature was released straight to Region 2 DVD on 16 August 2010.  The film is actually c.48 minutes in length and not 75 minutes as indicated in our last bulletin.  The difference is explained somewhat by the extra feature – ‘How to draw Tom and Jerry!’

Undershaw Update.

ITV London Regional News carried a feature on Undershaw, the former home of Conan Doyle, on Friday 10 September 2010.  The easiest way to view this broadcast (only available if you live in the UK) and an earlier one on the same subject is to click on Paul Spiring’s own site (thanks Paul!)

August 2010 News Bulletin 2

“I may even say exceptional features of interest.”

Sherlock – A Retrospection.

The BBC TV series has received overwhelming approval from viewers and critics alike, although needless to say there have been a few brickbats too.  Overnight ratings showed that the finale – The Great Game achieved the highest figures of the series – 7.34m (31.3% of the audience), compared to 7.05m for A Study in Pink and 6.442 for The Blind Banker.  The series average was 7.2m.  You can of course discuss Sherlock on our site Forum Quarterdeck.

Sherlock DVD Set to Spin!

The BBC will launch the Region 2 DVD and Blu-ray versions of Sherlock on 30 August 2010.  The release includes all 3 episodes recently shown on TV, plus extras consisting of the 60 minute pilot episode (previously reported to have been ‘binned’) and commentaries on episodes 1 and 3.  The full price for the DVD is £19.99 and £24.99 for the Blu-ray.  However the DVD is widely available online at £12.99 –, and  The best Blu-ray price seen to date is £15.93 at

The Game is on this Fall.

The BBC’s Sherlock drama premieres in the US on 24 October 2010 on PBS as part of its ‘Masterpiece Mystery’ series.

More Sherlock Drama Sites to See.

Tom and Jerry Team Up with Sherlock Holmes.

Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes, a full length (75 minute) feature movie was released straight to Region 2 DVD on 16 August 2010.  The full price is £9.99, however internet retailers –, and have it cut to £5.99.


Undershaw Update.

The campaign to try and save Conan Doyle’s former home Undershaw, has reached the US press.  Thanks to our member Paul Spiring, you can read an interesting article which appeared in the Los Angeles Times recently.  You’ll find this under ‘Latest News’ at, Paul’s own site.

Paul also tells us that there is now a page dedicated exclusively to Undershaw on Wikipedia –

August 2010 News Bulletin 1

“You can easily imagine, Mr. Holmes, how curious I became as to what the meaning of this extraordinary performance could possibly be.”


Sherlock – the Finale.

‘A battle of wits ensues between Sherlock and a stranger who seems to know all the answers.’  That’s the plotline for the third and final episode of Sherlock – The Great Game which is scheduled for Sunday 8 August 2010.  Screening time is 9.00 to 10.30pm on BBC One and also on BBC HD.  It’s repeated on the latter channel the following morning at 0.35am.  Note slight change in time again.  You can catch the episodes on the BBC iPlayer for a limited time.

Feedback on Episode Two.

Just like the previous week, Sherlock was the most watched show on Sunday night (1 August).  The figure of 6.422 million was lower than for the first episode, but still a very credible performance.  The audience share for the BBC One showing was 25.6% with a further 1% watching it on BBC HD which started an hour later.

Undershaw – It’s Not All Over Yet!

The battle may have been lost, but the fight goes on!  Despite the recent decision by Waverley Borough Council to grant planning permission to break up Undershaw, the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at Hindhead, Surrey and turn it into several private homes, all is not lost.  A letter calling on Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, to block these “insensitive” plans was published in The Times, 31 July 2010.  To read the letter and the list of all 52 signatories which includes Oscar Ross, on behalf of our own society, go to  Note:  Times Newspapers now operate a subscription service for their website content.  Keep up to date at

SH2 – Brad Pitt Says No!

In the heat of the moment we nearly overlooked Warner Bros Sherlock Holmes, as if.   Filming of the sequel to the 2009 blockbuster is set to start shooting in October 2010, according to a report in the Daily Mail, 23 July 2010.  It also said that Brad Pitt, the preferred choice of director Guy Ritchie for the part of Moriarty was going to cost too much, so it seems that Daniel Day-Lewis may play ‘the Napoleon of crime’ instead.  December 2011 seems a likely release date in cinemas.

Ineffable Twaddle?

It’s been a slow burner, but at last our Forum Quarterdeck is seeing some action.  Click on it now and view the comments re the Sherlock series to date.  Agree?  Disagree?  Don’t let your views go unrecorded – get stuck in now!  You can comment on individual episodes, all three of them or any aspects of the series you want to talk about – it’s entirely your choice.

July 2010 News Bulletin 4

“Excellent!” said Holmes.  “Pray continue.”

Coming up in Sherlock 2.

‘Can Sherlock & John solve the case of a mysterious and deadly cypher?’  You’ll find out if you watch episode 2 of Sherlock  – The Blind Banker which will be screened on Sunday 1 August at 8.30 to 10pm on BBC One.  It’s also being shown at 9.30 to 11pm the same evening on BBC HD (with a repeat being aired the following day at 1am).

If you miss any episodes, then for a limited time you can catch them on the BBC iPlayer.

The Verdict on Episode 1.

Unofficial overnight audience figures showed that A Study in Pink attracted over 7 million viewers and peaked at 7.4 million, that’s a healthy 28.5% audience share.  Reports have also reached us that the BBC Audience Index has given the episode 87 marks out of 100, yet another good result.

There’s been a drum roll of approval for the episode from many quarters, but not everyone’s cheering.  Lead the way on our Forum Quarterdeck, whether it’s music to your ears, or not!

DVD Due September.

The fan site reports that the BBC will release a Sherlock DVD in September. It’s not clear if this will feature all 3 episodes but there’s a strong hint that the ‘binned’ pilot episode may be included.  Pre-orders are already being taken by

And There’s More!

The BBC has a hit on its hands which means it’s highly likely that they will commission a second Sherlock series but it could be at least a year before we get to see it.

July 2010 News Bulletin 3

“I can never resist a touch of the dramatic.”


A Study in Pink.

In the first of three episodes of the new BBC TV drama series Sherlock, Watson and Holmes meet, and together tackle the case of the Impossible Suicides.  Episode one, entitled A Study in Pink, will be screened on BBC One on Sunday 25 July 2010 at 9pm – 10.30pm.  It’s also being shown simultaneously, and repeated the following day at 12.30am, on BBC HD.  Benedict Cumberbatch plays Sherlock Holmes with Martin Freeman taking the Dr Watson role.  The part of DI Lestrade is undertaken by Rupert Graves while Una Stubbs is cast as Mrs Hudson.  Naturally, Sherlock is everywhere in this week’s (w/c 24 July 2010) TV listings magazines.  For example: Radio Times says ‘What could have been the defiling of a sacred text comes off superbly,’ while TV Times thinks the drama is ‘Outstanding,’ and gives it a 5-star rating.

Getting Sherlock Holmes Role a ‘Joy and Worry’ – Cumberbatch.

Catch this news story at  For other great links to Sherlock, check our last Bulletin.

A Deal to Say?

Why not visit our Forum section Quarterdeck and let everyone know what you think about the new Sherlock drama?  You only have to click to view the contents but to post a comment of your own or to reply to an existing one, you’ll first have to register and then login.  It’s all quite easy to do, so…..what’s keeping you?  The Quarterdeck is for everyone, not just crew members.

July 2010 News Bulletin 2

“Look at this, Watson,” he cried.


The Fate of Lot 151.

A signed copy of the 1887 Beeton’s Christmas Annual containing the first publication of A Study in Scarlet was auctioned at Sotheby’s in London on 15 July 2010. The bidding reached £240,000 but as this didn’t meet the reserve, the item failed to sell.  It was one of only two known copies signed by the author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

3D for SH2?

According to a report in The Sun, 29 June 2010, the sequel to Warner Bros Sherlock Holmes will be shot in 3D.  The tabloid claimed that some of the crew who worked on Avatar will be hired by director Guy Ritchie to oversee the potentially spectacular effects.  The sequel to last year’s blockbuster is set  for cinemas in December 2011, according to the Hollywood Reporter, 27 May 2010.

Sherlock Returns to West End Stage.

Jeremy Paul’s play The Secret of Sherlock Holmes starring Peter Egan and Robert Daws is due to open at London’s Duchess Theatre on Tuesday 20 July 2010.  It is scheduled to run until 14 September 2010.

Date for New Sherlock TV Drama Announced.

Two Americans have set up a fan site –  for the new BBC TV drama series Sherlock which is due to air on Sunday 25 July 2010 at 9pm on BBC 1 .  The BBC has just launched a web site for the series.

“Have a Peep.”

While you are waiting for the new Sherlock series, you can watch two delightful Russian Sherlock cartoons on the following links.

Part 1

Part 2

July 2010 News Bulletin 1

 “Have I anything to say?  Yes, I have a deal to say.”


Moriarty – Did Holmes Make Him Up?

Our FORUM Quarterdeck is up and running and the first topic for discussion is ‘the Napoleon of crime’ Moriarty.

The Forum has 2 levels of discussion.  The first level is the Quarterdeck.  Anyone, members and non-members alike, can click on this and view the contents.  However, if you want to respond to what you read or post something new you’ll have to first register and then log-in each time you visit the forum.

The second level of discussion is the Bridge.  This is only visible to members of the Crew (Crewmates).  To view the contents and also to add your own, again you’ll need to first register and then log-in each time you visit the forum.

Members should refer to the email from the Shipping Office dated 11 July for further details.

June 2010 News Bulletin 3

“What do you think of this, Watson?” he asked, tossing it across.

William and Sandy Hot on the Scent, Again.

Britain’s oldest sleuths, William Parnes (Richard Briars) and Sandy Boyle (Stanley Baxter) return to the airwaves in week commencing 21 June 2010, with two brand new episodes of ‘Two-Pipe Problem.’  These are not Sherlock Holmes plays as such, but listeners can rest assured that the game is always a laugh at the Old Beeches, a residential home for retired thespians.  BBC Radio 4,  Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 June 2010, both 2.15pm.  See Radio Times 19 – 25 June 2010 for details.  Miss it?  Try

The Definitive Guide to Doyle in Devon.

‘Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and Devon: A Complete Tour Guide & Companion’ by our members Brian W. Pugh and Paul R. Spiring, co-authored by Sadru Bhanji, was published on 15 June 2010.  MX Publishing.  Paperback.  £12.99.  You can get it for £11.69 from

Woof!  Woof!  Woof!

The Sherlock Hound DVD box set, so far an HMV ‘exclusive’ in the UK, will be available from other outlets from 12 July 2010.  It’s still £10.99 from

June 2010 News Bulletin 2

“Dear me, this is a very sad development, Watson, is it not?” said he.


Campaign to Save Undershaw Fails.

Despite a high profile opposition campaign, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s former Hindhead home is to be turned into flats.  Permission for the redevelopment of Undershaw was granted on Wednesday 9 June 2010, by Waverley Borough Council’s southern planning committee.

May 2010 News Bulletin 5

“What’s up, then?” asked Holmes with a twinkle in his eye.


Sherlock Grabs Another Piece of the Action.

Warner Bros Sherlock Holmes (2009) won the Best Action/Thriller category at the National Movie Awards which were presented in London on Wednesday 26 May 2010.

A Rare Event.

A signed copy of A Study in Scarlet, one of only two known to be in existence, is expected to fetch up to £400000 when it is auctioned at Sotheby’s in July 2010.