News Bulletin 282

“I am glad of all details whether they seem to be relevant or not”

Annual Outing Sailing/Reel Back 3

The final sailing of the year is this coming Sunday (29 May). We still have one or two places left to fill so the booking deadline has therefore been extended to tomorrow, Tuesday (24th), closing at midnight.


Sherlock 3: Action at last

Just when it looked as if it was going nowhere fast (actually, slow), we now hear that filming of Sherlock Holmes 3 may/will start this Fall.


Toby Jones for  BBC Sherlock villain 

Meanwhile, Toby Jones, who was marvellous in the 2014 TV Movie Marvellous but not quite so marvellous in the 2016 Dad’s Army Movie, is being cast as a villain in the fourth Sherlock series (to air January 2017?). Expect to see him in episode 2. The question of the moment is this: Which villain will he play?