Sailing Schedules

“They are absolutely correct in every particular”

Sunday 27 October 2019 from Willows Wharf – Study and Quiz on ‘The Engineer’s Thumb’ (Engr).

Thursday 28 November 2019 – Annual Dinner Sailing.

Monday 6 January 2020 from Osborne Quay – Birthday Celebration Sailing.

Sunday 23 February 2020 from Lake View Harbour – Study and Quiz on ‘The Noble Bachelor’ (Nobl).

Sunday 26 April 2020 from Willows Wharf – Study and Quiz on ‘The Beryl Coronet’ (Bery). Cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak (News Bulletin 297 refers).

Annual Outing Sailing in June. Sailing cancelled (News Bulletin 298 refers).

Sunday 25  October 2020. Sailing cancelled (News Bulletin 299 refers). 

The sailings for the remainder of 2020/21 have been cancelled up to and including June 2021.