News Bulletin 283

“After a month of trivialities and stagnation, the wheels move once more”

Ever since our last post back in May, the blinds at the shipping office have been half-drawn (and the shutters down) as we’ve been otherwise pre-occupied with non-Sherlockian matters. Having said all that, these encumbrances haven’t hindered the production of a 16 page Mayday Mayday which members will have received at the start of last week. This explains, at least in part, why we decided to go to ground over the summer (what summer?) period and keep stum.

That’s all behind us now as we cry “Heap it on, stokers!” and board our beloved ship, the S.S. May Day, for another season of playing the grand game.  The first scheduled sailing is Sunday 25 September, departing from Canary Wharf, and we’ll be weighing anchor at 3.00pm sharp.

Our case for investigation is ‘The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge’ (Wist) – so get reading! We’ll also be embarking on a new Jeremy Brett film season (Hoorah!) – JB6, commencing with ‘The Red-headed League’.