News Bulletin 294

“I should prefer to hear it now”


Series 2 of Sherlock Holmes with Carleton Hobbs continues daily from Monday 12 March on BBC Radio 4 Extra. Transmission times are 6.00am, 1.00pm and 8.00pm with a further repeat at 1.00am the following day. Tomorrow’s episode (4/7) is ‘The Cardboard Box’. There are further episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.You can find the link  here.

If you missed Episodes 1-3, which were broadcast last week,  you can still catch them on the BBC iPlayer for radio. Episode 1 is here.

Sherlock Gnomes

It’s come to our notice that Sherlock Gnomes (2018) won’t be appearing in cinemas in the UK/Ireland until 11 May (and not 23 March as we’d been previously led to believe). Russia, Singapore and the Ukraine will be on the first to see it, on 15 March. Ah well, fans of animation will just have to content themselves with Peter Rabbit (2018), which opens in cinemas on the 15th of this month.