News Bulletin 278

“and then you can judge if you will listen to the details”*

Listening post

BBC Radio4 Extra, Thursday 7 January and Friday 8 January 2016 at 6.00am, 8.00pm and 1.00am.  James Nickerson reads from the ‘Devil’s Foot’ (published in 1910 and set in 1897), in which Holmes is recuperating in deepest Cornwall when death strikes a local family. The reading is split into two parts.

We are sailing

Following tonight’s Birthday Celebration (Many happy returns to both Sherlock and Margaret!), the next scheduled departure is the RSS on Sunday 28 February. Details of this and the rest of the upcoming voyages for the remainder of the 2015/2016 season are here.

Mayday Mayday

The next issue (No.237) will be mid February, pushed back from mid January (as announced a few days ago) to allow for additional coverage of the Sherlock special. Feedback on the episode is still welcome, from members and non-members alike. The copy deadline is 15 January.