News Bulletin 267

“I trust there is nothing of consequence that I have overlooked”*

Elementary Trailer, My Dear Viewer

You can watch the first trailer for the new Elementary season here. The first episode of season 4, “The Past is Parent”, is scheduled for 5 November in the US (CBS). It’s due in the UK/Ireland (Sky Living) shortly afterwards but there’s no precise date as yet.

I know that many of you are oblivious to the charms of Elementary, not having access to the series.  I’m also fully aware that Elementary has many devoted fans, including some members of the Crew (who will hardly hear a word said against it). Are you an Elementary fanatic?

One sure way to gain Elementary access, albeit it belatedly, is to buy the box sets – search for deals on ebay for seasons 1 & 2. The Region 2 DVD for season 3 was released in the UK/Ireland on 21 September.


Crime Scene Investigation

No, it’s not the TV programme of that name which we’re investigating here. This Crime Scene is a new quarterly magazine from the publishers of Total Film. It’s on sale now in Eason’s, WH Smith and other outlets. There’s a substantial feature on BBC Sherlock, a piece on Elementary, plus lots of other non-SH stuff in issue 1, which costs a rather hefty £7.99. One might say it’s desirable if not essential.

If you take out a subscription, that reduces it to a fiver (for the first one only). There’s a sample of the first issue, including part of the Sherlock feature and the front cover, here. You’ll find an article about the launch, from The Guardian, here.


Reminder 1 – Young Sherlock Holmes

There’s a rare opportunity to see Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) on the big screen. It’s showing at QFT, Belfast on Sunday 11 October as part of Cinemagic: The International Film & Television Festival for Young People.

The screening, at 4.00pm, is open to the general public and is not age restricted. You can book here or at QFT, or take a chance and just turn up on the day.


Reminder 2 – Curious On Tour

Based on Mark Haddon’s award-winning novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (still playing in London’s West End) is on a UK/Ireland tour until November. This includes a week at Belfast’s Grand Opera House from 13-17 October. Watch the official trailer here. If anyone see this production, in Belfast or elsewhere, the Purser would appreciate a bit of feedback (even the odd line or two) about the performance.


We Are Sailing!

You can always keep bang up to date with our Sailing schedules here. For reasons of privacy, postal addresses for our points of embarkation are not disclosed online. Our next RSS falls due on the last Sunday in October – the study case (and quiz) is pure Gold.


And Finally

A female Sherlock could, apparently, happen, says Steven Moffat, the BBC series co-creator. Would a spot of gender bending be a step too far for you? Perhaps you’d like to tell me.