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News Bulletin 263

“We waited long for news”**

The long summer (such as it was) sojourn is fast coming to an end as the nights close in and autumn looms on the horizon. Having undergone the annual overhaul in a certain Belfast shipyard, the S.S. May Day is about to commence her seas trails (a series of events always clouded in an element of mystery), with a view to being in position to commence our new sailing season on this day, four weeks hence.

On the afternoon of Sunday 27 September 2015, we shall be embarking from Canary Wharf (and no, it’s not the London address of the same name, as most of you should know by now!) with Victor Hamilton as our captain of the day. Our study case and quiz is ‘The Adventure of the Three Students’ (3Stu) and we’ll be watching the first part in a new mini-season, showcasing some gems from the silent era of celluloid. More details will be found in the next issue of Mayday Mayday (no.135), which will be issued around mid month.



News Bulletin 262

‘wrapped in the most perfect happiness’*

If you missed it, here’s a chance to listen (for  a limited time) to the Sherlock Holmes Prom at the Royal Albert Hall this afternoon.

Sherlock Holmes – A Musical Mind Prom 41 Part 1

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Remembers Interval

Sherlock Holmes – A Musical Mind Prom 41 Part 2





News Bulletin 261

‘All afternoon he sat in the stalls wrapped in the most perfect happiness.’*

The Sherlock Holmes Prom

Royal Albert Hall, London – Sunday 16 August 2015

Prom 41: Sherlock Holmes – A Musical Mind

Seating tickets sold out – standing tickets are available on day, if you queue (£5).

You can listen live on BBC Radio 3!

3.30 Part 1 Episode 1 of 2.

4.25 Interval Conan Doyle reflects on his career and relationship with Sherlock Holmes.

4.45 Part 2 Episode 2 of 2 (concludes at 5.45).

‘My friend was an enthusiastic musician, being himself not only a very capable performer but a composer of no ordinary merit.’*

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