News Bulletin 257

“A few trifling points might perhaps be added”

Another twist in the tale?

Stephen Mangan is to play Arthur Conan Doyle in a new ITV drama – Houdini & Doyle. The 10-part series will premiere on ITV’s sister channel, ITV Encore, in 2016. The story is here and here.


Mr. Holmes….the reviews just keep coming

For those who can’t get enough reviews, we’ve a double dose from the Mail – here and here. From the Guardian online, here’s a critique from Mark Kermode; it’s his “Film of the week”.

Reviews can also be found in the current issues of the specialist film magazines – Empire, Total Film and the BFI’s Sight & Sound. None of that material is currently available online, by the way.

Feedback from crew (and anyone else out there) would be nice too, even a line or two would do.


Summertime Blues

The S.S. May Day is now in dry dock, at a certain Belfast shipyard, undergoing her annual overhaul.

The shipping office will remain open for the duration but there will be the odd occasion or three when the blinds will be half-drawn – just don’t be expecting the usual Holmes service! Bulletins will be posted here from time to time, as the need arises.

The next scheduled sailing is Sunday 27 September 2015. The captain of the day will be Victor Hamilton; the point of embarkation is Canary Wharf. The first study will be ‘The Three Students’ so there’s no excuse for not doing your prep.

The sailing schedule for 2015/2016 will be posted here around mid September. There will be additional details in Mayday Mayday (no.135), which will be circulated to members at the same time. The copy deadline for that issue is 15 July.


The Tall Ship Races Belfast 2-5 July 2015