News Bulletin 256

“A delightful twist on the world’s most famous detective” {Screen International}

Reviewing Mr. Holmes

Mr Holmes is a wonderful film and deeply moving too. I loved it. McKellen is superb. The critics have been lukewarm, but I think Holmesians will like it. And great central performance.” Alex Kane {Twitter @alexkane221b}

No shortage of reviews of Mr. Holmes in circulation; you may wish to glance over this one from The Guardian and this one from The Independent.  From the Daily Telegraph (Sherlock Holmes’ favourite newspaper?), there’s an interview with Sir Ian McKellen on his own problems with ageing, and there’s also a review from the same paper.

Spare a thought for our friends in America; they don’t get to see Mr. Holmes until the 17th of July. That hasn’t stopped at least one Sherlockian over there reviewing it, though. This review is on the website I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere (it’s a wonderful source of news and information about our particular field of interest).

If you have already seen Mr. Holmes (or whenever you do), you might like to drop me a line (of course, it can be more!) about it. I’ll be collecting your feedback for a feature in the next Mayday Mayday (yes, I know it’s September, but that doesn’t make a button of difference to me). Feedback from non-crew is equally welcome too. If you spot any reviews in the printed press/online that you’d like to bring to my notice, please do so. All contributions will be gratefully received, as always.

I’m particularly pleased to see that two of our independent cinemas here in Belfast are also screening Mr. HolmesQFT (until 2 July) and the Strand (Holywood Road). The Strand, the city’s oldest operational picture house, will be celebrating its 80th anniversary this December.

We’ve been seriously incommoded recently, due to certain technical issues which have hampered the operations of  this website. These issues now appear to be a thing of the past (or at least I’d like to think so) all thanks, entirely, to the sterling efforts of our webmaster Maurice aka Spike. Three cheers for Maurice: “Ship Ship, Hooray!”

Now in cinemas across the UK and Ireland (since 19 June 2015)