News Bulletin 255

“I shall try and not miss anything of importance”*

The Triumph of William Gillette

Thanks to the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere website, we’ve been treated to a full report on the U.S. premiere of Sherlock Holmes (1916) at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival on Sunday 31 May 2015.


Sherlock debunks the deerstalker

It’ll hardly come as a surprise to dedicated fans (by the way, does this term irritate you?), though the public at large may be raising an eyebrow or two when they watch this clip.


No need to panic!

Despite the latest kafuffle over copyright, Mr. Holmes will appear in cinemas as scheduled (19 June in UK/Ireland; 17 July in USA). The Trailer is now showing in cinemas. Some of you may also have seen the short commercial running on ITV at the moment, not that it says very much about the film.

One more thing!  There is, apparently, a full stop after the Mr in Mr. Holmes (despite what Empire was telling its readers recently).


How many Sherlock Holmes actors can you name?

Here’s a short quiz to get those brain cells working. Let me known if you get them all (And no cheating, thank you very much!).


What a mistake to make

Call me an old cynic but why did this story not surprise me?


No Better Place

Alistair Duncan is now on You Tube, to promote his forthcoming book (due 10 August) and to remind us of his previous volumes (all worth reading).


Don’t hold your breath for Sherlock Holmes 3

Jude Law has been telling Digital Spy that never mind when, he doesn’t even know if there will be a third instalment of the Sherlock Holmes movie franchise or not. Does it really matter? You tell me.


Make Your Mark

That’s the title of an excellent exhibition on the history of trademarks and patents, running until 27 June at Belfast Central Library in Royal Avenue. Among many items which caught my eye was the cute Sherlock teddy bear in one of the glass cabinets (Ex-Harrods, I’ve been reliably informed). There’s a short accompanying piece of text (not to be taken too literally, though) about Sherlock Holmes copyright with reference to the recent Klinger v the Conan Doyle Estate case.



‘The Beekeeper’s Apprentice’ There will be a repeat of the 4-part series on BBC Radio4 Extra, Tuesday 9 June at 6am (repeated at 1pm, 8pm and 1am). Episodes 2-4 follow on subsequent days until the end of the week (each episode lasts 30 minutes). Episode 1 
Sherlock Holmes comes out of retirement, takes on a young apprentice and tackles a spy – in this witty and humorous homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Starring James Fox as Holmes, Shaun Prendergast as Watson and Monica Dolan as Mary Russell. Written by Laurie King. [First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2000.]