News Bulletin 253

“I am glad of all these details, whether they seem to you to be relevant or not”*

Conan Doyle Estate v Mr Holmes

For those who want more meat on the bones of the “Conan Doyle Estate sues the makers of Mr Holmes” story, try here, here and here. Inevitably, there’s a degree of duplication.


“Let’s go”

William Gillette’s classic film, Sherlock Holmes (1916), is being screened this Sunday evening 31st May at the Castro Theatre, SF. It’s part of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.


Conan Doyle Con is on

There’s going to be a one-day Conan Doyle Convention in Birmingham this Saturday (30th May).


And what’s going on here?

A crowd funding campaign for Sherlock Holmes v Frankenstein started on Monday last on Indiegogo. There’s more on Facebook and there’s also a Blog.


It’s elementary, Madam Secretary

The Commodore of the Crew, Alex Kane, is a commentator and columnist across the NI media. He writes a Monday column for the News Letter, usually on the subject which Watson once said Holmes had only a feeble knowledge of. His hero is quite frequently referenced or quoted in these political articles, but rarely do we see him doing a full length piece like this one – given the date, one might possibly say that it was “Holmes for the holiday.” The article first appeared in the paper’s print edition on Monday 25 May and is now accessible online.