News Bulletin 252

“This was news to me indeed”*

It’s gloves off as the Conan Doyle Estate lands first punch

Having been floored by the outcome of the “Free Sherlock” case in the US, the Conan Doyle Estate is bouncing back; it’s suing the maker of Mr Holmes, the new Sherlock Holmes film due in cinemas next month (19 June in UK/Ireland). The story is unfolding here.


Inevitable, my dear Watson

Yes, someone was bound to do it; a new society has been created, by persons utterly devoted to Holmes’ nemesis.  While it would be going too far to wish them well, nevertheless, the website address of the Napoleons of Crime has been included on our Society Links page (under ‘Related’). Best we keep a watchful eye on what they may be getting up to, don’t you think?


The records of your detective have reached us here, but not just yet

The rediscovered 1916 silent classic Sherlock Holmes, starring William Gillette, is being released later in the year for home viewing. So far there’s only news of it re its American Blu-ray and DVD release so we await developments nearer to the home front (that’s means us!).


15 curious facts about Sherlock Holmes

Some curious facts about our hero and the Sherlockian subculture.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Belfast: The 1925 Visit

In the wake of our recent event in the Ulster Hall (Thursday 14 May), which was a considerable success; Alex Kane has been talking to BBC Radio Ulster’s Sunday Sequence (17 May) about Conan Doyle and spiritualism. You’ll need to go about 75 minutes into the programme to catch this segment.

Earlier the previous week, The Arts Show (Radio Ulster, 12 May) provided a quick opportunity to plug the event. The item is about 25 minutes into the 30 minute programme. Note: both these broadcasts are only available for a limited time.