News Bulletin 238


“It was the first announcement in the ‘Found’ column.”*

There’s been a bit of a flap in the media in the last few days about a “lost” Sherlock Holmes story which has turned up in Walter Elliot’s attic in Selkirk, Scotland. 80-year old Walter, he’s a local historian, claims it’s a Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

To follow the story about the story, click on the following links for the Mail, Telegraph and BBC coverage. The Mail and Telegraph articles both include a facsimile of the “lost” story (it’s barely three pages long, by the way).

Many fans of the Great Detective entertain the hope (perhaps we live in hope more than expectation) that one day a “lost” (or previously unpublished) genuine Sherlock Holmes story will turn up. Sadly, as this article from Mattias Boström (an expert in our field) on the I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere website points out, this “lost” story is not what it might at first appear to be. It looks as if we’ll be waiting a little bit longer for that “lost” story which many of us would dearly love to read.