News Bulletin 235

“Your pictures are not unlike you”

Just days ahead of the Berlin Film Festival, here’s an “exclusive” trailer from the new Mr Holmes movie, starring Sir Ian McKellen, due in cinemas this summer. And here’s a couple of stills from the shoot.

Sherlocked, the Official Sherlock Convention, will be held in London on 24-26 April 2015.

Five ways William Gillette transformed how Holmes looked and talked. The feature, courtesy of the I hear of Sherlock everywhere website, includes a video clip from the recently rediscovered Sherlock Holmes (1916) movie (previously thought to have been lost).

Could Simpson’s-in-the-Strand, a favourite eatery of Holmes and Watson, disappear? Here’s what the Telegraph had to say and find out how blogger Alistair Duncan digested the news.  

Plans for Conan Doyle’s former home at Hindhead have been approved. The BBC story is here. Alistair Duncan’s take on it is here (this long-running saga may still have legs).

Brace yourselves! Are you ready for Holmes and Watson, both played by women? The new web series starts here!