News Bulletin 229

“Kindly whisper ‘Norbury’ in my ear”*

Here’s one we should have included earlier (but didn’t know anything about, honest!).

‘The Valley of Fear’

Book at Bedtime on BBC Radio4

Monday 17 November. 10.45-11.00pm. Lasts 15 minutes.

Episode 6 of 10, thereafter nightly at same time until Friday 21 November.

The reader is Sir Ian McKellen, star of Mr Holmes, due in cinemas next year.

‘The Valley of Fear’, the last of the four Sherlock Holmes novels, ranks among Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s best work. The mystery begins with a coded warning of imminent danger, drawing the illustrious Sherlock Holmes and the faithful Dr. Watson to a secluded English country home. A trail of bewildering clues leads to sleuthing in the finest Holmesian tradition and the gripping back story of a cult that terrorized a valley in the American West.

While the series is halfway through, there’s still time to catch-up on numbers 1-5, and you will also be able to listen again to all the ones coming up next week as they become available (all for a limited period). Click here!


*Yell 362