News Bulletin 206

“I was compelled to leave you without much news”*

Things have been extra busy at the Shipping office recently, what with preparing for Reel Back 1 last Sunday (acknowledged as a considerable success) and much else besides, details of which we needn’t trouble you with  here. The consequence of all this is that Bulletins have had to be left to one side, indeed it’s been almost two weeks since our last one.

Victorian detective whose bag of tricks inspired Sherlock Holmes

Yes, it’s another author trying to sell a book and guess who is going to help them shift more copy? “Give us a break,” says Alistair Duncan, who is not in the least impressed.

“An actor and a rare one”  

There’s was another side to the great Peter Cushing, one of the great portrayers of Sherlock Holmes.

“An actor and a rare one” – Two  

Possibly the greatest Holmes portrayer of them all, this is Jeremy Brett with some of the ladies from the Granada Sherlock Holmes series

It’s Murder at the Opera House

Peter Blau (USA) tells us that the Grand Opera House, Belfast is running three more Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Nights, from Thursday 31 July to Saturday 2 August 2014. The printed programme is not yet available but that won’t stop you getting details (including how to book) from the theatre’s website.  

Apollo theatre collapse due to ‘old’ materials

Light has now been shed on why the ceiling came on the audience during a performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time last December.

Cumberbatch to play Hamlet

Just look what he’s getting into next. Can anyone turn up the Shakespearean references in the Canon for us?

Marking 75 years of a classic film

It’s The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939), the first of fourteen on screen exploits starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Is this the best of the bunch?

Radio Times

The  4 O’Clock Show. BBC Radio4 Extra, Thursday 3 April at 4pm.

Mel Giedroyc explores the secrets of super sleuth Sherlock Holmes, and there’s the fourth part of current story Emil and the Detectives, by Erich Kastner. Originally broadcast on 16 January 2014.

Free book download

Falconiere Publishing, which describes itself as a boutique paperback & e-mail publisher known for its well-crafted mystery, adventure and investigative works, is offering a free download of  THE THIRD SAMUARI  (“a new adventure of the world’s first consulting detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes”). It’ll be available on until Monday 3/31/14. On this side of the pond, best try


Six of the Best

What did Watson do twice as many times as Holmes?

Tunnel Vision

Making a splash

China to shut Sherlock out?

We always love a good violin story

Ghost sightings on London Tube


 Plus a little extra

 Sherlock Holmes A-Z


Weekly Links Compendium March 1-14


Don’t forget!

In UK and Ireland, clocks spring forward by one hour at 01:00 on 30 March. Time & Date.


Belfast Film Festival (27 March – 5 April 2014)