News Bulletin 205

“It sounds plausible”*

Reel Back Part 1

The final touches are now being put to our Reel Back excursions, the first of which will unfold this day week (Sunday 23 March). Reel Back will explore many of the Sherlock Holmes films and the cinemas they first appeared in here in Belfast. Booking for this Sailing closes on Tuesday 18 March.

All of which links in nicely with the Top 10 Sherlock Holmes films of all time (Part 1).


Sherlock v Elementary

Has there been a shift in judgement? Alistair Duncan asks some pertinent questions and supplies some answers. What do YOU think?


Six of the Best

Are Sherlock Holmes and Sheldon Cooper the same person?  

Coming soon: The Benedict Cumberbatch colouring book

Seven characters who were saved by fans

If Cumberbatch dies, Sherlock dies, says Gatiss

I’ve got to take Moriarty to extremes, says Andrew Scott

Young and old love Sherlock on French TV


Weekly Sherlock Links Compendium February 15-28


*Nava 458