News Bulletin 204

‘Sherlock  Holmes and I read these notices over together at breakfast, and they appeared to afford him considerable amusement.’*


The waiting game

It’s truly dreadful news for fans of the programme. Sherlock won’t be returning to our screens until 2016. But for anyone who thinks Sherlock is “a truly dreadful programme,” it’s probably a cause for some celebration, indeed Alex Kane will no doubt be pouring himself an extra glass of Pimm’s (other drink brands are available) as he reads this.  Mind you, if they cancelled the series altogether, which they won’t, he’d be ordering an extra case or two of his favourite tipple.


The case of the accidental superstar

No prizes for guessing that it’s you know who.


Thoughts for the day

Did Sherlock Holmes believe in God?

Squatters move into church founded by Conan Doyle.


Six of the Best

The Great War : Bringing literary giants to life

It’s Elementary for the Baker Street Babes {Spoilers!}

The ideal Holmes?

The excitement is building

Diogenes Club rules

Sir, the sign says no smoking


Jeremy Brett – Sharp Dressed Man

The quality may not be the sharpest, in fact it’s pretty iffy at best, yet this tailor made mini-video is still a treat to watch. And the music rocks too  – it’s by ZZ Top (awesome!).


I hear of Sherlock everywhere on Flipboard

Some of the content is also included elsewhere in this Bulletin. 


Next Sailing Sunday 23 March


*Stud 42