News Bulletin 203

“It is a curious collection”*

Battling Super Sleuths: The Awkward Case of Elementary, Sherlock, and Building the Better Adaptation. Nothing better to start an argument between people like us than to raise the subject of Sherlock or Elementary, or, better still, both together. Purists may prefer to avoid this one.

Alistair Duncan’s blogs are always interesting, frequently thought provoking. His latest one is asking if the Victorian Holmes has been done to death.

What would a Sherlock Holmes theme park look like? Are we being taken for a ride?

221B in Shanghai. They don’t even have to import the fog.

Toys for big boys (and girls). The game is afoot, i.e. 12 inches tall.

Best Sherlock birthday cake ever? Can anyone top this one?

Elementary (Season 2) continues every Tuesday on Sky Living, repeated on Saturday (not Friday as heretofore).

Relax and watch this Jeremy Brett Tribute here. It only takes about four minutes.



*Musg 387