News Bulletin 202

“Good heavens, Holmes, this is intolerable.”*


Six of the Best

Will Russian remake of Luther be the next Sherlock?

Theme Park, my dear Watson? Also, here and here.

That was no lady

Watson actually was a woman

On Jeremy Brett

10 reasons why Brett was best ever Holmes


Six More

Another curious incident at the Museum

Sherlock and the European catastrophe

10 Greatest Watsons

Sherlock Holmes may now vote Labour

Well Red

The Mary Celeste and Conan Doyle


TV Highlights

They Might Be Giants on Film4, Monday 24 February at 4.55pm. 

A rare outing for this 1971 comedy-drama. A New York lawyer (George C. Scott) starts to think he’s Sherlock Holmes and takes his psychiatrist Dr. Watson (Joanne Woodward) on a dark, surreal adventure in the city. 

“It’s such an evocative, unusual Holmes film,” John Addy tells us, to which Roger Johnson adds: “They Might Be Giants is a delight. I’ve always liked it, but seeing it again after getting to know something of New York added to my enjoyment.”   

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Up the Creek with Sherlock

The new Jonathan Creek (Series 5)  is taking a poke at Sherlock. Episode 1 (0f 3) is on BBC One, Friday 28 February at 9pm.

Watch a clip here.


Britain’s Great War – the Sherlock Holmes connection

The opening sequence of the final part of Jeremy Paxman’s new 4-part BBC One documentary will be of specific interest to all Holmesians. You can catch the programme here, for a limited period. There was a Conan Doyle reference too, albeit a brief one, in the previous week’s programme (part 3 is also on the I Player).


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Art in the blood


“I did exactly what you advised”**


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