News Bulletin 199

“I suppose I shall have to come and have a look at it”*

Sherlock: The First CSI is on  Five, this coming Wednesday (5th) at 10pm. The feeling is that this is actually How Sherlock Changed the World, recently shown the National Geographic channel (UK), with a new title. That was a longer documentary than this one, so, if it is the same programme, it’s either been edited or we’re going to get a part 2 (as happened in the US where it was shown in two episodes of an hour each).

Sherlock Holmes: the original fandom

Holmes helps out, again

It’s ElemenTory

What’s next for Sherlock 4?

And the winner is….

It’s up the Creek for Sherlock

T-shirt contest

“Some monstrous beast”

“A vacant place”

You Tube Reaction Video

I Hear of Sherlock everywhere on flipboard


*Blac 563