News Bulletin 198

Quick TV Guide

25-31 January 2014

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Granada series) is showing daily (except Sunday) on ITV3, all in late morning slots.

Alibi continues to repeat the second Sherlock series. Episode 1 is on Sunday, followed by the second episode on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A reminder for those on this side of the Irish Sea that RTE2 is showing the complete first season of Elementary, episode-by-episode, on Thursday nights.

On the movie front this Sunday, there’s another chance to watch the late Peter O’Toole in the role of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Fairy Tale: A True Story (1997), one of two films made about the Cottingley Fairies, is on Five.  

This Wednesday coming, there’s a further opportunity to watch Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows (2011). It’s on twice that day, on Sky Action/Adventure.

That appears to be your lot as far as SH/ACD goes for this week. If anyone can add to this list, please do get in touch. Nothing seen on Radio, by the way.

This is the last of these TV Guides, which we’ve been running since before Christmas. Our TV & Radio Links pages (see below) should be able to provide you with all you need to know, and they are only a click or two away.