News Bulletin 196

Quick TV Guide

18-24 January 2014

The Hound of the Baskervilles, starring Richard Roxborough, was a 2002 adaptation for BBC TV.   It’s not exactly memorable though possibly still worth watching, even if only for that ridiculous Hound. You can catch it on Drama (it’s a Freeview channel) on Saturday 18th at 7pm.

Also noted is another screening of the same story, this time on Movie Mix (also Freeview), at 11am on Wednesday 22nd. Unfortunately we don’t have a clue as to which version this one is (and Movie Mix don’t seem to have a website to help us). If anyone knows more, please get in touch so we can update this Guide.

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) gets yet another screening on Sky Family, on Monday 20th.

The new Sherlock series may be over but reruns of the previous two series continue apace. RTE2 are showing the Series 2 finale on Wednesday (22nd), and remember they are also doing a complete run of Elementary Season 1, every Thursday night. Alibi have the third Episode of Sherlock Series 1 scheduled for  tomorrow (18th); then they are moving onto the second Series, starting with Episode 1 on Tuesday 21st (repeated the following day).

ITV3 are now repeating The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Granada) in a late morning slot (Monday to Friday).

Other programmes of possible interest include A Very British Murder on BBC2 tomorrow evening (18th). This is 3/3 and covers “The Golden Age.”

The NTV Awards are on ITV this coming Wednesday (22nd) at 7.30pm. Will Benedict be collecting yet another gong for Sherlock

You can still vote here!

Nothing specifically noted on Radio re SH.