News Bulletin 189

‘In the whirl of our incessant activity’*


Another NTA for Cumberbatch? 

The short lists are finalised, so here’s your opportunity to vote for Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock in the National Television Awards (NTAs)Click here, then work your way through to the ‘TV Detective’ category. 



Episode 2 gets a mixed reaction from viewers

There’s something about Mary {contains spoilers!}

Behind the scenes at Sherlock 3

Surprise! It’s Sherlocks’s parents

Series 4 already mapped out


It’s not all about Sherlock!

Brett & Hardwicke print

Game on for crime & punishments

SH – everything (?) you need to know


NEW! Website of the Week

Each week I am going to try to do my best and recommend a website for you to visit. Chris Redmond’s web portal is one of the very best SH sites to explore; not just once but frequently. 

If YOU want to recommend a website for this feature (it must be SH and/or ACD!), forward the working link, and in seventeen words or less tell me why it should be our chosen one for the week. Contact


Next Study

The penultimate story in our current Memoirs studies is The Naval Treaty. This is just one of the sixty original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which you can read in full on this website. To access all sixty stories, just click here. The text used is the Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes (same as the Doubleday in USA), the approved Crew edition.



*Soli 538