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“I was much astounded by this programme”*

TV & Radio Tonight

If you missed it, or want to have another go, there’s a repeat of Sherlock Episode 1 (first shown on Wednesday 1st) at 9pm on BBC Three.

BBC TV Guide

News that Sherlock Holmes (2009), the first of the two Warner Bros blockbusters, is showing on TV tonight may seem no big deal, but this is a first on terrestrial TV in these islands. It’s on RTE 1 at 9.30pm.

RTE TV Guide

Up to now, Sky Movies have had a exclusive on this film (in these parts anyway), and have shown it countless times. Since then they’ve also signed up to Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows (2011), which is getting another outing on Sky Showcase at 8pm.

Over on Sky Living at 7pm, Elementary continues another complete rerun, with two episodes each night. These are numbers 19 and 20. 

For those who prefer the original stories, there’s another chance to listen to ‘The Norwood Builder.’ It’s on BBC Radio4 Extra at 9.15pm, also tonight.


Sherlock – More Reaction

Last night’s Evening Extra (2 January) on BBC Radio Ulster featured a short interview (this included comments from a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London) on the previous night’s first episode of Sherlock. The clip is about 55 minutes into the programme. There are other references to Sherlock in the run-up to that including a caustic comment from one listener. You can listen to the programme here. Following that, Arts Extra (same station) also had a Sherlock item. You can listen to that show (it’s about 30 minutes long) here.


Radio Times Free Books Offer

For whatever reason, if you didn’t get the Token in the Radio Times ‘Double issue,’ there’s no need to worry. The new Radio Times (4-10 January) contains the Token for book 2 and a reprint of the Token for book 1. The next issue (11-17 January), on sale from Tuesday (7th), will have Token 3 for the third book. While the books are free, you need to send the 3 Tokens plus £1.99 for postage to get all three books.

It’s good to see Radio Times encouraging people to read the stories which inspired the new Sherlock series – The Return, The Sign of Four and other stories, and His Last Bow. 

The Radio Times now on sale includes a 4-page special on the new Sherlock plus other related bits and bobs. The latest TV Times (4-10 January) also contains a good Sherlock feature.

Radio Times Sherlock (see the print issue re book offer)




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