News Bulletin 164

‘Holmes sat up in his chair and rubbed his hands’


BBC Sherlock

Guess who’s on the RT’s Christmas Cover?

And we’re not talking about the Snowman! The Double Christmas issue, already on sale in the south of England, is due here in NI on Wednesday 11th. Other listings magazines are available! Check out the following new Sherlock links too.


Sherlock Series 3 Preview


Intriguing Hints of Sherlock’s New Nemesis


If you missed the repeat episode last Friday, you can still catch it, but only for 5 more days.

Watch Sherlock Series 2 Episode 2 Here



Latest Elementary


The following episode has not aired in the UK/Ireland yet.

Elementary Review {Warning: Plot Spoiler!}



Weekly SH Links Compendium {w/e 6 Dec.}


Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows (2011) will be shown twice on Sky Action/Adventure tomorrow (9th), at 12.30pm and 9.00pm.


TV Lounge

In UK/Ireland, all the links you need are here!