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More TV: Holmes for the weekend

Having parked the Granada Sherlock Holmes series for the past few weeks, it’s a relief to see that ITV3 are back motoring again. Tomorrow, Saturday 7 December at 11.25am, the scene is set for The Hound of the Baskervilles, with an early repeat the following morning (8th) at 8.15am.

TCM have had a stranglehold on the Rathbone/Bruce series (re UK/Ireland) for what seems like absolute ages now (remember “the good old days”when the BBC used to show it quite regularly?). The current situation may be fine if you are a Virgin or Sky subscriber but not so fine if Freeview is your only option. Now it looks as if things are loosening up, with the Drama channel (both Freeview & Freesat) showing Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1942) at 4.10pm, that’s also Saturday 7 December. There’s a repeat performance on Sunday (8th) at 12.40pm. Is this a one-off or will more films follow? Suppose we’ll just have to wait and see….and speculate.

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