News Bulletin 162

“Perhaps you would be good enough to read it aloud”


Sherlock’s Big Box!

A Sherlock series 1-3 Box Set (it’s a strictly limited edition!) is now available to order.  Delivery is not till 27 January 2014, to be precise as to detail. Series 3, on its own, is also being released (in both DVD and Blu-ray formats) on the same day. All this applies to Region 2, which includes UK/Ireland. Details (including US dates) are here and here.


The Name Game

Sherlock has entered the top baby name list for England/Wales. Not necessarily something these young Sherlocks will thank their parent(s) for in years to come.


Sherlock’s TV Friday

Plenty of choice on the box for Sherlock buffs, tomorrow, Friday 6 December. BBC Three continue their Sherlock Series 2 repeat run with ‘The Hounds of Baskerville’ at 9pm. An hour earlier, at 8pm, the repeat of episode 7 of Elementary is on Sky Living. In ‘The Marchioness,’ Rhys Ifans returns as Mycroft Holmes, who hires his brother’s sleuthing services and tries to work his English charm on Watson. There are also two screenings of Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows (2011) on Sky Showcase, at 1.35pm and 8.00pm.


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