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Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) Film4, Monday 4 November at 6.40pm. ‘An elementary tale of Holmes the youth, presented by Steven Spielberg. Good special effects and boyish adventure but distinctly American.’ Belfast Telegraph capsule review, 29 March 1986. First Belfast screening: ABC 3 Fisherwick Place, 21 March 1986.


Ripper Street 2/8 (Series 2), ‘Am I not monstrous?’  BBC One, Monday 4 November at 9pm. ‘A young woman is found murdered at the London Hospital and the only clue to her identity is an unusual deformity. The hunt for her killer takes Reid and the team into the shadowy netherworld of the freak shows, where they must seek the help…’

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Elementary 3/24 (Series 2), ‘We are everyone.’   Sky Living, Tuesday 5 November at 9pm, repeated Friday 8 November at 8pm. ‘Holmes and Watson try to find a hacker who has been leaking classified government information and get more then they sought out for. As the episode ends, Sherlock secretly reads a letter he received from his nemesis, Jamie Moriarty.’ Love it or loath it, there’s no sitting on the fence with this series.


Poirot 3/4 (Series 13), ‘The Labours of Hercules’. ITV, Wednesday 6 November at 8pm. This is the penultimate case for Agatha Christie’s celebrated sleuth Hercule Poirot. ‘In an effort to recover his confidence after a rare professional failure, Poirot sets off for the Swiss Alps in pursuit of a missing maid. Arriving at the isolated Hotel Olympos, Poirot finds its rooms inhabited by a menagerie of miscreants, including kleptomaniac Vera Rossakoff, disgraced MP Harold Waring, slippery psychoanalyst Dr Lutz and, most dangerous of all, the homicidal art thief Marrascaud.’

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Dracula 2/10. Sky Living. Thursday 7 November at 9pm. Bram Stoker’s masterpiece reimagined.   You can catch repeats of episode 1 tonight (Monday 4 November) at 10pm and again on Wednesday 6 November at 9pm. 


The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, ‘The Musgrave Ritual.’  BBC Radio4 Extra, Tuesday 5 November at 11.15am, 9.15pm, and Wednesday 6 November at 4.15am. Also, ‘The Reigate Squires,’ on Wednesday 6 November at 11.15am, 9.15pm and Thursday 7 November at 4.15am. Part of a welcome repeat run of the highly acclaimed series, starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams.

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