News Bulletin 150

“I know it is good when I see it and I see it now”*


Poirot: The Final Problems

Just to show we are in no way prejudiced, especially when it comes to the celebrated creations of Mrs Agatha Christie, here’s a reminder that the very final Poirot Series starts on ITV this evening (Wednesday 23 October 2013) at 8pm.

For further details, read on.  Series 13, Episode 1 of 4: The Big Four.  ‘With the world on the brink of the Second World War, there is more political turmoil when it appears that the famous Peace Party is in fact a cover for the war-mongering organisation Big Four. This complex investigation reunites Poirot with his old friend Japp, as they investigate a case marked by deception, disappearances and death. With David Suchet, Philip Jackson, Hugh Fraser, Pauline Moran, and Patricia Hodge.’

To complete our Poirot coverage in this Bulletin, here’s what David Suchet has been telling the Mirror.

And just to show, we haven’t jumped ship, here are a couple of stories about the next Sherlock series. No sign of an air date, though. And as this is our 150th Bulletin, we can hardly let the dapper little Belgian detective have it all to himself, can we?


Troubled Waters?

Will Mary Morstan rock Sherlock’s and John’s boats? Martin Freeman has been talking about Sherlock Series 3 – see the Mirror article.


Down the Tube?

Mark Gatiss has told Radio that episode 1 of the new Sherlock series is explicitly about the London Underground.


*Houn  749