News Bulletin 145

“I cannot agree with those who rank modesty among the virtues”*


Will Sherlock get your vote?

It doesn’t seem a year since the last National Television Awards (NTAs), which may, at least in part, have something  to do with the fact that the winners were only announced in January.

Benedict Cumberbatch (for Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock) is one of twenty six nominees in the TV Detective category. Whether Benedict really needs another award is a moot point (just think how much extra cleaning and polishing this gives poor Mrs Hudson) but is, of course entirely up to us, the viewers.

There are lots of other categories to have a peek at too, and you can skip any you don’t want to vote in. We do know that one of our members will be including two of his personal favourites, Neighbours and The Big Bang Theory in his selections. “Extraordinary, my dear Watson!”


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In the Name of Sherlock Holmes

Odeon Belfast Saturday 12 October



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