News Bulletin 140

“after a month of trivialities and stagnation the wheels move once more”


Our course now seems pretty clear”

The May Day sets sail again this Sunday afternoon on the first of the new season’s voyages. Glancing over the Sailing Schedule, you’ll not only find our ports of call for this particular Sailing but also a shipload of data for the rest of the year to come. 

One particularly handy feature of the new online Sailing Schedule is the inclusion of the text of each Study case, month-by-month. The text in use in this online version is the Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes (same as the US Doubleday), which is, of course, the approved edition for all Crew Studies.

Crewmates are reminded that Subs for the 2013-2014 season are due on Sunday 29 September 2013. Payment can be made on board or by post. Details are in Mayday Mayday (p.16, issue no.125, September). Any enquiries should be addressed to the Purser at the Shipping Office.



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