News Bulletin 137

“Interesting and indeed essential as these details are”


“But was it not mere guesswork?”

Not to be taken too seriously, some fans have been ‘reviewing’ the new BBC Sherlock Series 3, before it has even aired.


Listening to Dr Morelle

Peter Blau has uncovered an archive which allows you to listen and download all 13 episodes of Dr Morelle (see also Bulletin 135). For more about Dr Morelle on BBC Radio4 Extra, just click here. There’s a catch-up facility available, for a limited period.


Wipers Times

The BBC Two programme Wipers Times (Wednesday 11 September 2013) may have a Sherlockian connection . . . the periodical certainly did, says Peter Blau. There was a parody, “Herlock Sholmes at It Again,”  published in the magazine and in its successor, The New Church Times in six chapters in 1916. The parody was reprinted in the Sherlock Holmes Journal (Winter 1976).

Roger Johnson tells us to look out for more Wipers Times in a future issue of the Sherlock Holmes Journal. Roger should know about this sort of thing, he’s the Editor!

Two reviews of the programme caught our eye, one from The Independent, the other from the Daily Telegraph. The latter one has a nice little mention of Holmes and Watson.

As for any Sherlockian connection in Wipers Times itself (Peter hadn’t seen it when he wrote), we hasten to add that the programme didn’t fail to include, albeit it in passing, our heroes either.

Unfortunately Wipers Times was only on catch-up for a week, so it’s not there now. We’re sure it will be repeated though, and if you missed it, do tune in next time, the reviews you can read here have got it spot on.


‘Forgotten Moments In Music History’

The ‘Forgotten Moments In Music History’ cartoon (p.17) in the latest Private Eye (No.1349, 20 September – 3 October 2013) confirmed our long-held belief that there was always more than just a tenuous Holmes connection to the late great Gerry Rafferty’s hit “Baker Street.” And the Sherlock references in this issue didn’t stop there. On p.25, under the heading ‘BBC Autumn Schedules in Full,’ there is this: ‘Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes has to investigate where £1bn of licence fee payers’ money has gone.’ For the rest of this short yet mildly amusing little piece of nonsense and the cartoon, kindly refer to said issue (you won’t find it on their website).


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