News Bulletin 135

“I am making up for lost time”*


In the Name of Sherlock Holmes

Following up on yesterday’s Bulletin (no.134), we’ve found a trailer for In the Name of Sherlock Holmes that you can watch. You can find out more about this new film for younger children (although there’s no upper age limit!) on the official website and also see what the IMDb website has to say.


Y Cylch Brith

Y Cylch Brith aka The Speckled Band, the first ever Welsh translation of a Sherlock Holmes case is now on sale. The UK price is £6 plus £1.50 to cover postage & packaging. To order a copy send a cheque ( payable to Deerstalker Publications )for £7.50 to Roy Upton Holder at 146 Little Henfaes Drive, Welshpool, SY21 7BA. For further details including overseas rates, check The Deerstalkers of Welshpool (The Sherlock Holmes Society of Wales) website.


Ernest Dudley – A Case For Dr Morelle on Radio4 Extra

221b Baker Street’s new detective resident continues the science of crime-solving in the opening story of a 13-part series, ‘Alarm Call’ on BBC Radio4 Extra. This episode is playing at 6am and repeated at 1pm and 8pm on Wednesday 11 September. There is also a repeat at 1pm the following day. For further episode details and transmission times of subsequent ones, best click here.

Peter Blau has been able to fill us in on some of the backdrop: “A series created by Ernest Dudley, Meet Dr. Morelle was broadcast by the BBC in 1942 and 1946, and 1946-1948, and he was revived in A Case for Dr. Morelle (13 30-minute programs broadcast in 1957) on the BBC Light Programme.  Ernest Dudley (1908-2006) was the step-son-in-law of Eille Norwood, who starred on stage in the play The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1923); Dudley collaborated on a revision of the play (1953).  Morelle also appeared in short stories, novels, and a play; five episodes of  A Case for Dr. Morelle were broadcast by BBC Radio 7 on June 24-29, 2007 (‘in deference to London’s Baker Street resident Sherlock Holmes, Morelle’s office is at 221B Harley Street’).”

Roger Johnson has further added to our knowledge with the following note: “Ernest Dudley, as you no doubt know, was married to Eille Norwood’s stepdaughter. Nearly 20 years ago he revised the play The Return of Sherlock Holmes, originally written for Norwood in the 1920s, making it more manageable for modern theatre companies.”


Elements of the Elementary

For the online catalogue to this Sherlock Holmes Exhibition which recently finished in Dublin, click here.


“£3,700 for a place in your book”

The person who made the winning bid in the recent auction on EBay (it ended 1 September 2013) will be written into Anthony Horowitz’s sequel to The House of Silk. A tidy sum of £3,700 guaranteed that the winner will meet Sherlock Holmes but won’t have to play dead, they would have had to cough up £5,000 plus for that privilege. The money raised was for anti-bullying charity Kidscape.


Before Sherlock – the Novel Art of Detection

John Addy has been telling us that Nick Rennison (author of Sherlock Holmes – The Unauthorised Biography, 2005) and Robert Ryan (author of Dead Man’s Land, 2013) will contribute to Before Sherlock – the Novel Art of Detection at the Harrogate Festival on 27 October 2013 (at the Old Swan Hotel).


Wipers Times

Talking of Dead Man’s Land which is set in the trenches of WW1 (it’s a gripping read!) gives us an excuse, not that we ever needed one, to mention a new drama that looks worth watching. Wipers Times is coming up on BBC Two on Wednesday 11 September at 9pm. It was filmed on location in Northern Ireland earlier this year which is another good reason to mention it here.  Read all about it and then watch the trailer here. And no it hasn’t got any SH connections, as far as we know.


“Dear me, this is a very sad development”

Sir David Frost, broadcaster and writer died on 31 August 2013, aged 74.  There are only two connections with our world, as far as we know, the first of which  can be found here.  All we need now is a generous benefactor to stump up  £400.

In connection with the piece in question, Roger Johnson tells us that the caricature is the work of Nicolas Bentley, who besides his famous career as a cartoonist from the 1930s through to the 70s wrote two or three crime novels. His godfather was G K Chesterton, and his father was E C (Edmund Clerihew) Bentley, creator of – what else? – the clerihew, and author of the ground-breaking detective story Trent’s Last Case.

David usually introduced his popular daytime TV show Through the Keyhole with the words “This is our Sherlock and he will be looking into our homes,” in reference to his co-star Lloyd Grossman. For the record, we didn’t fail to overlook this in Mayday Mayday back in issue 10, September 2001.


It’s curtain up again for Poirot!

A fully authorised new Hercule Poirot novel is to be published worldwide in September 2014. The new novel will feature the Belgian detective who Agatha Christie introduced to the world in her first book The Mysterious Affair at Styles, published in 1920. Written with the full backing of the family, this is the first ever Agatha Christie continuation novel.

It makes one wonder if anyone will ever get around to writing a new novel about Holmes?


“A cascade of children’s bricks”

The latest blockbuster is right here. Our quote is from Twis.


The RT at 90

The Museum of London is currently, until 3 November 2013, holding an exhibition to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Radio Times. Apart from it being an institution, the RT has done so much to promote Holmes and his world over many decades, we thought we should give it a plug here.



Not so much of a review more of a report really, on Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of the Baskervilles, which toured UK/Ireland recently. It’s from the Irish Times. We’ll have a review on the show, when it played at Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim, in Mayday Mayday (no.125).

And here’s a review from The Independent of the stage show of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (remember the novel?).  There’s supposed to be a film on the way too.


It’s a cracker!

Next to jellyfish, we’re always up for a cracking story on codes. Click here.


I wish I’d said that!

Discover 16 Witty Sherlock Comebacks to knock out your enemies.


European Heritage Open Weekend Northern Ireland

14-15 September 2014.

Download programme.



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