News Bulletin 132

“You just read it for yourself”


Sherlock Holmes was wrong!

Who says so? None other than Stephen Fry.


Sherlock without Cumberbatch & Freeman?

Unthinkable, of course, but that doesn’t stop someone writing about it.


Faking it

Fake scenes have been filmed for the first episode of the new Sherlock series, to ensure fans will get a complete surprise. For the background to this story, just click.

For even more BBC Sherlock news, click here.


Far from the Fogs

That’s the title of an hour-long documentary, investigating the links between Sherlock Holmes and Norfolk which was broadcast by BBC Radio Norfolk on Bank Holiday Monday. Editor of The Sherlock Holmes Journal, Roger Johnson was among those taking part. You can catch up here, but only until 2 September 2013.  A related article from BBC Norfolk has just come to hand.


“…for a place in your book”

Anthony Horowitz will write the winner of a charity auction into his new Sherlock Holmes novel. If the successful bid is over £1,000 the winner’s appearance and background will be written in. £2,500 allows them to meet Holmes and for over £5,000 they will get killed off! The money will go to the anti-bullying charity Kidscape. The bidding is taking place on EBay, with the auction closing on 1 September 2013.  You can read the Daily Telegraph article here.


“Then tell me about it”

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