News Bulletin 131

“Here is what we want”


Sherlock Holmes in Dublin – One week to run

Courtesy of John Addy (from West Yorkshire), here’s another link to Elements of the Elementary, the Sherlock Holmes Exhibition running in Dublin until 31 August 2013. Find another link here, forwarded by Peter Blau (from the US). To keep up to date with all the goings on, look here.


‘The Madness of Colonel Warburton’

This is the title of episode 1 (of 5) from  series 1 of The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. A repeat run  starts at 11.15am (it’s also on later at 9.15pm) on Tuesday 27 August 2013 on BBC Radio4 Extra.


Ramsay’s Hotel Hell

Despite being over a million dollars in debt, the Roosevelt’s owner John Hough is more interested in telling jokes and dressing up as Sherlock Holmes, than he is in fixing his struggling B&B. Catch it here. This is from series 1, episode 1, shown on Channel 4 on Monday 12 August 2013. Warning! Strong language.


Punt P1

New series 6 (1 of 4) started Saturday 17 August 2013 on BBC Radio4. Frequent mentions of Holmes & Watson are included. Catch it here.


Feeding the Detectives

In The Food Programme on BBC Radio4, Sunday 18 August 2013, Dan Saladino looked at how food has increasingly become a big ingredient in crime fiction. Catch it here. The SH stuff is about half way through the programme. And read Dan’s article on why crime novelists write about food.


Seeing Red

Don’t underestimate the red tops – they’re on the march! We surely don’t have to remind you of the link!


Over the top?

Someone has gone to an awful lot of trouble to transcribe the complete BBC Sherlock series (1 and 2).


“I have my eye on a suite in Baker Street”

Catherine Cooke has discovered a desirable residence at the former Abbey House (one of the candidates for the 221b site) for rent. Wouldn’t this make for a wonderful meeting place?


Sherlock Holmes Community

Scott Monty’s Sherlock Holmes Social Network AKA The Hounds of the Internet, on-line since 2007, shut down as of July 15 because of the increasing amount of spam and fake accounts. But there’s an alternative: his Sherlock Holmes Community at Google+. You’ll need a Google account to take part but you can view the contents just by clicking on the link.


In disguise

“It is the first quality of a criminal investigator that he should see through a disguise,” Holmes remarked in Houn.


The Hound at Barnsley

Here’s a review of the first night of the Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles tour. This outdoor show also toured Ireland shortly afterwards. If you saw the show anywhere, do get in touch and let us know what you thought about it.


Cook’s Tour

In case you overlook the significance, the canonical reference is Lady. The tour starts here.


Cyanea capillata

It wouldn’t be summer if we didn’t get our hands on  a good jelly fish story.


Digging deep

Sherlock Holmes was known to pour over maps of London, so this one would have interested him immensely.


Whicker’s World

The famed traveller and broadcaster Alan Whicker died on 12 July 2013. There’s a nice little nod to our world in his autobiography, Journey of a Lifetime. Unfortunately the link to the page in question has disappeared at this moment in time so if you want to see the reference, buy or borrow the book. Alternatively, you could do your own online search and report back here if you come up with the goods.


Thought for the day

Did Sherlock Holmes believe in God?


The Adventure of the dancing girls

This one is strictly for laughs.



Remember that many of the catch-up links to TV & Radio programmes are for very limited periods only so don’t blame us if you leave it too late! Also, some of these may not be accessible outside UK/Ireland.