News Bulletin 122

“I am full of curiosity. I should prefer to hear it now.”


BBC Sherlock  Latest!

The Reichenbach Fall, episode 3 of series 2, has been pushed back to Friday 2 August 2013.

The Hounds of Baskerville, episode 2 in the second series, is being repeated on BBC One tomorrow (Friday 19 July 2013) at 8.30pm.

The second word in the still to be announced title of season 3, episode 3 will be hidden in this latest repeat.

The first word to be revealed was ‘HIS.’ We’ve more words on this here and here.



If you missed A Scandal in Belgravia (series 2, episode 1), you can catch it here, but hurry – it’s about to expire! Each episode is only available for seven days from date of transmission.