News Bulletin 116

“I fear there is not very much,” I answered. “Well, that’s true enough,” said he.

Finale, my dear Elementary!

Elementary’s first season is drawing to a close. Sky Living won’t be following the lead of CBS in the US, by scheduling the last two episodes back-to-back on the one night, instead they will be spread over 2 weeks.

In ‘The Woman’ (23/24), ‘flashbacks reveal Sherlock’s descent into addiction, while in the present he has to deal with the unexpected return of someone very important from his past.’ This episode is on Tuesday 21 May 2013, repeated Friday (24th).

The final episode is listed for Tuesday 28 May, repeated Friday 31 May. The plotline for ‘The Heroine’ (24/24) reads: ‘After realizing that things (and people) are not what they seem, Sherlock tries to stop his archenemy’s elaborate plot to tamper with the relations between two European countries.’

For a sneak visual peak of the finale, click here.  Be warned, it contains spoilers!

If that’s not enough for die-hard fans, Sky Living’s website should be able to bridge some of the gaps in your knowledge. Elementary will return next year to Sky Living with season 2.


Surprise? Surprise?

Well, would you believe it! Co-creator Steven Moffat didn’t know there would be a Sherlock series 4 either.


Not his last bow!

Another series, another violin for the master sleuth to fiddle with.


Sherlock…..if you can’t get enough

Those of you who can’t wait for series 3 might like to watch a re-run of the first two series on Alibi, which started 9 May 2013. If you don’t have access to that channel, the re-runs are also on BBC Three.

You can catch-up with series 1, episode 1 for a limited period here.


Sherlock…..the never ending stories

And for those of you who want to read all about it, here’s a fairly recent story on the next series to be going on with, from the Telegraph. And harking back to episode 3 from the last series, the explanation of which will be forthcoming in episode 1 of the new series, here’s another piece from the Telegraph and also one from the Mail to mull over.


Warner Bros celebrates 90!

The famous Hollywood studio has reached a milestone, with Sherlock Holmes included in the celebrations, of course.


“I have never loved, Watson”

Read through this story and you’ll eventually get to the SH reference. Our quote above is from the Devil’s Foot, which, of course, you recognized.


Murdoch most influential

A new study has found that Murdoch Mysteries is one of the world’s most influential TV shows. How many of these Murdoch Mysteries had a SH or ACD theme?


Wake-up call

A lot of people have nightmares about this sort of thing so beware before you click! Does anyone know the SH connection?


“A whiff of the sea”

We thought that the Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival, which runs from Saturday 25 May to Monday 27 May 2013, deserved a plug.