News Bulletin 110

“Anything remarkable on hand?” he asked. “Oh, no, Mr. Holmes–nothing very particular.”


There’s no stopping BBC’s Sherlock!

Not that long ago we heard that Sherlock Series 3 could be the very last one (the stars are too busy doing other stuff, apparently!). Not so says Mark Gatiss! He claims that the BBC hit series could run and run…for the next 20 years at least!  What’s he talking about?

No joy at the recent NTV Awards for Sherlock, but perhaps these Virgin Media Awards will be some small consolation.

Martin Freeman has been talking about the new Sherlock Series 3, due to starting filming in March this year. We’ve got the story for you!

And what’s this, from The Sun, about Freeman aka John, saying that he’ll happily punch Sherlock?

Sherlock  is a licence to print money!  Did you know that? Neither did we, but here’s the proof from the Daily Telegraph.


Dial M for Murdoch!

Murdoch Mysteries is back again on Alibi TV – this is Season 6. Episode 4 – ‘A Study in Sherlock’ is likely due on 25 February, if we’ve got it right. The Alibi blurb says “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also makes an appearance when his supposedly fictional creation, Detective Sherlock Holmes, becomes entangled in a violent robbery.”

This is not the Canadian detective’s first foray into SH/ACD territory. The previous episodes were numbers 4 and 6, way back in Season 1. For the dedicated Murdoch Mysteries fan, this is the link to an  Episode Guide.

You’ll find Season 6 news here, here and here.

For more on the specific SH episode, try here.

To watch the Season 6 Trailer, click here!


20 Million Bowled-over by Elementary!

Actually 20.8 million to be precise. That was the number of viewers who tuned in or more likely stayed watching, when Elementary episode 13 was broadcast immediately after the Super Bowl Final on Sunday 3 February 2013 in the US.

Can we really believe that those viewers were all glued to the show? Is it not more likely that many of the audience were still talking about the Final and maybe occasionally glancing at the screen in the background? You might want to figure that out as you glance over this and this.


Elementary Returns!

Nearer home, Elementary returns to our screens on Sky Living (Sky and Virgin only) on Tuesday 26 February 2013 at 9pm, with episode 11. Will you be re-engaging or giving it a miss? Do let us know!

To keep up to date, the Sky Living Elementary page is only a click away.

Still on Elementary, here’s a Lucy Liu story to glance over.


Café Royal  Reopens!

We’re delighted to hear that the Café Royal is back in business – it’s now the new Café Royal Hotel. We’d thought it had been consigned to history, having been more or less raised to the ground in 2008 by the wrecker’s ball.  

The Canonical connection is Illu, of course.  Just across the road from the Café Royal  is Piccadilly Circus and another historic Holmesian site, the Criterion (Look out for the new plaque there! There are now two plaques on view.).

Café Royal History  Café Royal Images

Criterion Restaurant History  Criterion Restaurant Images

Criterion Restaurant Sherlock Holmes Plaque Images (and a bit more!)


Has crime fiction lost the plot?

You can find the story here.


Wacky ways to spot a true Brit

You’ll hardly be surprised to hear that our hero has a role to play in this story, it’s from The Independent.


What would Inspector Lestrade say?

You may have heard the recent news that foreigners could soon be helping to run police forces in the UK. Lestrade and Gregson et al would have had a deal to say about this, if they’d still been around.  And we hardly think that Holmes would have kept his mouth shut.


Why Michael Winner was a man without Honours 

We never knew that the recently deceased Die Hard Director and Food Critic had any Holmesian connections, until we read this Daily Mail piece.


For Sale sign on ACD’s former home

Conan Doyle’s former home at Hindhead, Surrey is back on the market. Here’s the BBC News item.

And we’ve just had news (forwarded by Roger Johnson) that another former Conan Doyle residence is up for sale.


Father Brown

We have to confess that this is not exactly Holmesian, but nevertheless it’s an article worth reading if you enjoy the genre. What did you think of the recent BBC series, by the way?


Strange goings on!

Here’s a most unusual story to mull over, it’s from the Guardian.


Perhaps we should have drawn a veil over this one?

The Holmesian connection, tenuous though it is, with this very sad story is Veil, and yes, we know that was about a lion not a tiger.


‘Art in the blood’

Holmes’ grandmother was the sister of the French painter Vernet (Gree), which gives us an excuse to run this piece.

What other references to the world of art can you spot in the stories? Scratch the surface – there are more than you might imagine.


And Finally

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