News Bulletin 108

“There are points in connection with it which are not entirely devoid of interest and even of instruction.”


BBC Sherlock Awards News

If you are a dedicated BBC Sherlock fan, you’ll definitely want to vote for the series (Drama category) and Benedict Cumberbatch  (Drama Male Performance category) in the latest National Television Awards (NTAs).

You only have until 12 noon on Wednesday 23 January 2013, so make haste! Vote here now! 

Benedict Cumberbatch collected the ‘Best Actor in a Mini Series or TV Film’ for Sherlock at the recent Satellite Awards.

However, there’s been disappointment too. Despite being nominated for ‘Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television’ at the recent Golden Globes (Click & Scroll Down to No.23), Benedict was beaten by Kevin Costener (for Hatfields & McCoys).

The Sherlock series itself didn’t fare any better. It was nominated for ‘Best Mini Series or TV Film’ at the Satellite Awards but failed to collect anything.


BBC Sherlock Series 3?

Despite the fact that filming hasn’t yet started (March seems to be the date), we are told that Sherlock Series 3 will be on our screens by the autumn. Radio has more.


Even More BBC Sherlock Stuff!

Talking about Sherlock, did you see the Doctor Who Christmas Special which had a number of nice Sherlockian touches? This review, from the brilliant Sherlockology website (the unofficial BBC Sherlock fansite) is worth at least a glance over.

There was lots of praise for the BBC’s Sherlock around the turn of the New Year, which you’ve probably read at least something about. In case not, here’s a chance to rectify any shortcomings.   And if that’s still not enough, there’s more and still more to chew over.

TV Producer Beryl Virtue (BBC Sherlock and much more) was this week’s guest on Desert Island Discs (BBC Radio4, 20 January). There’s a repeat on Friday (25 January) at 9am and you can also catch the show here.


Elementary takes a break

With Sky Living’s double bill screening of Elementary episodes 9 and 10 just before Christmas, viewers here had managed to catch up with their counter parts across the pond for the first time since the series aired on CBS in September. Now however, the gap has widened again. Those of us with access to Sky or Virgin in the UK/Ireland will have to be patient and wait till next month before the season resumes on Sky Living.

Sky Living is promising that there will be a continuous run of the series from then on with some episodes shown only days after screening in the US. No precise dates yet, however.


Elementary grabs more viewers!

It was full steam ahead however for CBS on 3 January 2013 with the screening of  episode 11 – ‘Dirty Laundry.’  This achieved a very pleasing 11,440,000 viewers, up on the most recent figures for the last episodes (10,570,000 average over episodes 6 – 10) before the brief holiday break. Episode 12 – ‘M’ on 12 January not only maintained that position but even slightly bettered it with 11,480,000 viewers. Now there’s going to be another short break before viewers in the US will get to see episode 13, on 31 January.


Elementary: Now it’s Moran or is it Moriarty?

Vinnie Jones is to play Sebastian Moran in an upcoming episode of Elementary. The report in the Daily Mail suggests that Holmes thinks that he could really be his arch-nemesis Moriarty.

In another upcoming episode of the show, Hollywood star John Hannah has been cast as Sherlock Holmes’ old drug dealer from London, England.


Elementary: Behind the Scenes

For those of us who like to catch a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes, here’s the show’s writers take on Elementary.  


Elementary: Critical acclaim

Our previous reports on critics’ reactions to Elementary have centred on the Pilot episode so here is a chance to read what they had to say about some more episodes.  


No Gongs for Elementary yet

Elementary was nominated for ‘Favourite New TV Drama’ in the recent People’s Choice Awards (US) while Jonny Lee Millar was also nominated for ‘Actor in a TV Series Drama’ at the Satellite Awards (US). No gongs at either, we have to report. The Satellite link also includes the bits re BBC Sherlock & Benedict Cumberbatch.


Young Sherlock Holmes Remake?

It wasn’t a box office success first time round (Amblin Entertainment for Paramount Pictures in 1985), so why is Paramount thinking of remaking Young Sherlock Holmes (it was actually Young Sherlock Holmes and the Pyramid of Fear in the UK)? The has been following the story.


Judi Dench for Mrs Hudson?

Will Judi Dench play Mrs Hudson in a new Sherlock Holmes TV series based on a recent book? More’s the point, is there any substance to a report that there’s going to be a series in the first place? Incidentally, Roger Johnson tells us that Judi Dench has played Mrs Hudson before, in a BBC Radio4 production of The Hound of the Baskervilles.


Murder in the Library: An A-Z of Crime Fiction

The British Library takes a quirky look at the history of crime fiction, from its earliest roots to the present day, in a new ‘free’ exhibition in The Folio Society Gallery, Murder in the Library: An A-Z of Crime Fiction (18 January to 12 May 2013).

Featuring familiar and loved writers, such as Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle, alongside the obscure and unexpected, former footballer and England Manager Terry Venables and burlesque dancer Gypsy Rose Lee to name but a few, the exhibition will showcase never before seen manuscripts, beautiful printed books, rare audio recordings, artworks and intriguing artefacts from the Library’s outstanding British and North American collections.

Exhibition highlights will include Arthur Conan Doyle’s manuscript of The Adventure of the Retired Colourman.

There are also some related events – namely 3 lectures plus a family workshop.

Our thanks to the District Messenger (Late Late Extra) for the tip-off and the British Library Press Release for the above. The British Library website will tell you  much  more and also allow you to book for ticketed events.


Sherlock to CSI: Mystery Writers seek Science Accuracy

Here is an article worth reading, from the BBC News website. 


Full steam ahead for the Tube

London’s Tube, while not a major feature of the Canon, is nevertheless mentioned in a few of the cases (anyone like to tell us which ones?). It was the Tube’s 150th birthday the other day (10 January 2013), which gives us a great excuse to mention a really good article (with some nice pics too!) from the Mail.

If you are really keen, here’s another Tube piece to mull over and here’s another one.


Shades of RedH?

Perhaps this story might remind you of the plot of  one of our favourite cases, The Red-headed League?

And even though there’s absolutely no SH connection whatsoever, here’s another one about a botched robbery, which is hard to lick.


Beano at 75!

Perhaps little or nothing to do with our world too, although there have been the odd flashes of you know who in its pages down the years, but we can’t let the Beano comic’s 75th birthday go past without a mention.  BBC Radio4 had a nice little documentary about it on Monday 14 January 2013. You can catch-up with A Menace to Society here.

Actually, there is one reference on the comic’s own website to Sherlock at the moment. Find out what it is here


Tall Story

The Shard looks like just the spot to take the practice of ‘seeing and observing’ to  new heights. Whatever would Mr Holmes have made of it?


And Finally

We always like a few good quotes or misquotes so here’s a nice little piece to wrap this Bulletin up. Click & Scroll Down for the SH bit.


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