News Bulletin 104

“Very interesting reading it might be made, too,” remarked Sherlock Holmes.


It’s New! It’s SHipWrite!

SHipWrite, our brand new page for articles & reviews is being launched today. We’re getting underway with two articles and a selection of four book reviews.

Each article has a page of its own but the reviews are all housed under the heading of The Review so you can scroll down to read one after the other. 

Some of the material has already appeared in whole or in part in other publications (including the Crew’s) and we make no apology for repeating it here.

Please do feel free to get in touch and tell us what you think about our initial offering. Praise and criticism are all, well almost all, equally welcome.

We’d also like to receive fresh material (original if possible but we don’t insist upon it) for SHipWrite and we welcome all submissions. Like the website itself, this new page is not just for our members, it’s for everyone who is interested in Sherlock Holmes and/or Conan Doyle, so absolutely anyone out there is free to submit material to us. Please note that we don’t guarantee publication, the editor’s decision is final.

How long will an article or review appear on SHipwrite? We haven’t decided that yet or how often we will refresh SHipWrite with new material. The answer to those questions will largely depend on receiving fresh contributions from our readers.

Our ‘old’ Articles page (the recent content is still there) has been given a new temporary name – Archive (it took us all of ten seconds to think that one up). It will however be getting a new permanent name and we’ll be making changes to the content. We’ll have more news on all that in the very near future.

So, all that’s left for you to do now is click here and find out what’s on SHipWrite.


Seeing and Observing

What’s Alex Kane got to tell us this week?


Catch-up Corner

Great Continental Railway Journeys (4/5), last Thursday 29 November 2012 at 9pm on BBC2 (also repeated very early Thursday 6 December).  The Swiss scenery is breathtaking throughout, but the one  bit you really don’t want to miss is Portillo’s barking impersonation of the Hound! Watch it here.

Making History (6/6), last Tuesday 27 November 2012 at 3pm on BBC Radio4 included an interesting feature on the Piltdown Man Hoax, which mentioned  Conan Doyle. Listen to it here.