News Bulletin 103

“Look at this, Watson,”  he cried


Larry Hagman Dies, Aged 81

While he’ll be forever remembered as the unscrupulous oil baron J.R. Ewing in Dallas, in an earlier life he played the part of a Los Angles cop who falls off his motorcycle, strikes his head and wakes up believing he is Sherlock Holmes. That was in the 1976 TV Movie The Return of the World’s Greatest Detective, when Hagman played the part of  Sherman Holmes  alongside Jenny O’Hara as Dr. Joan Watson, the social worker who was treating him.  Elementary or what?

The numerous obituaries include the BBC News and the Daily Telegraph.


Elementary Update

It was only really a matter of time before ‘the woman’ arrived in Elementary, by which we mean, of course, Irene Adler.  This got us wondering if her appearance might be just quite as revealing as Laura Pulver’s was in the BBC’s Sherlock.

So pleased are CBS with Elementary that they’ve added another two episodes, so now it’s up to a full season of 24. And now we also hear that Elementary has helped shares in Sky to soar.


It’s Final Stop Reichenbach

Accompanied by his trusty Bradshaw, Michael Portillo takes in the heady delights of Switzerland on the latest leg of his European railway tour. And of course, we can hardly express surprise to note that journey’s end will be at the Reichenbach Falls.

Great Continental Railway Journeys is this coming Thursday 29 November 2012 at 9pm on BBC2 (repeated Wednesday 5 November 2012).


Commercial Break!

Beecham has recruited Sherlock Holmes to promote its All in One Capsules. Watch the TV commercial here.


ACD Makes History

BBC Radio4’s Making History (6/6) tomorrow (Tuesday 27 November 2012) at 3pm has an interesting item which features Conan Doyle.



Mr Holmes would have been proud of this young fellow. Find out how he nabbed the burglar here!


“A Bargain, Every One Of Them” At HMV

HMV in Belfast’s Castle Place  (and elsewhere?) are offering the BBC Sherlock  Series 1 & 2 box set  for £12, Sherlock Holmes (2009) + Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) box set for £10 and  The Definitive Sherlock Holmes ( All 14 Basil Rathbone films)  box set for only £15.