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News Bulletin 88

“Tell me everything then,” said I.

Coming Up: Sherlock Holmes Week!

The first Sherlock Holmes Week is set to run from Monday 30 July to Sunday 5 August 2012. This is an online event which will give the many followers of Sherlock Holmes throughout the world a chance to share their passion with like-minded enthusiasts.

Sherlock Holmes Week is organised by MX Publishing, who in recent years has become a significant publisher in the field of Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle. Plenty to see and do so check out the website now.

It’s Emmys, My Dear Watson

Several noms for Sherlock in the 64th Emmys. They apparently submitted the “Belgravia” episode as a stand-alone movie rather than submitting the entire series – that’s why it falls under the Mini-series/Movie category. Sherlock’s two stars are also in the running for gongs.

Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, is up for Best Actor in a Mini-Series/Movie while his Watson, Martin Freeman, is challenging for Best Supporting Actor, also in a Mini-Series/Movie.

The winners will be announced at a presentation ceremony on Sunday 23 September 2012.

The Waiting Game Is Afoot

Voting has now closed for the 16th TV Choice Awards (2012) with the lucky winners to be announced on stage at The Dorchester in London on Monday 10 September 2012.

The full list of winners will be published on the TV Choice website on the night. All the winners, pictures and gossip from the evening will also feature in TV Choice magazine (the UK’s biggest selling TV listings magazine), on sale Tuesday 18 September.

Sherlock Set To Run & Run?

Benedict Cumberbatch says he really wants to play Sherlock for years to come.

Back At Bart’s

Can it come as any great surprise to learn that Benedict Cumberbatch  is going to have  a cameo role in the Simpsons? Well, we all surely know that Sherlock used to spend many of his waking hours around Bart’s, before his biographer came to glorify him!

A Grey Area?

Were Holmes & Watson gay?  There’s absolutely not one shred of evidence, search the Canon from end to end if you don’t believe us, to support the theory that they were. This hasn’t stopped writers and producers conjuring up all sorts of gay scenarios that have made their way into print or onto film, the latest one being a reimagining of A Study in Scarlet.

That first ever Sherlock Holmes story is one in a new series of classic literary rewrites (only available in e-book format), prompted it would appear by the phenomenal success of the E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey novels.

Peepolykus Hound

Those of you who enjoyed the recent adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles on BBC Radio 4 (7 July 2012), or those who didn’t, might like to tell us what they really think. The people behind the drama, Peepolykus, have a lot more strings to their bow than this production, and you can find out more about them at the following link.

Elementary, My Dear Viewers

As previously announced, the CBS television series Elementary is due to air in the US this Fall (or Autumn as we say in this part of the world). It will be shown on Sky Living here but we don’t have any schedule details to hand.

According to the Daily Star Sunday (22 July 2012), Benedict Cumberbatch has been advising his pal  Jonny Lee Millar on how to play Sherlock Holmes. The two actors struck up a friendship when they were both starring in the stage version of  Frankenstein in London last year.

We’ll be trying to keep on top of Elementary developments as they happen, but in the meantime here are a few links to be going on with.













News Bulletin 87

“Quick, quick, or it’ll be too late!”

 “And the hound?”

If you missed the Peepolykus version of The Hound of the Baskervilles on Radio4 yesterday (Saturday 7 July 2012), here’s an opportunity to catch  it again. You can listen in on the BBC iPlayer, until 3.32pm Saturday 14 July 2012.


Remember, we’d love to know what you think about this new production. Just email Alex Kane at You don’t have to be a member to air your views.

Sherlock’s Cut To The Bone!

Sherlock Bones: Undercover Dog (1994) DVD is now on sale in Poundland (which means it’s only £1!). It was spotted in their Connswater Shopping Centre (Belfast) store yesterday (8 July 2012) but it’s probably on sale in other stores across the chain. A harmless little piece of fun and one might think of worse ways to while away 75 minutes.

Googling ‘Sherlock Bones’ turns up a diverse range of links including the following one.

News Bulletin 86

“There are several points upon which we still want light – but it is coming all the same.”

It’s Some Sad News

Comedian, writer and actor Eric Sykes died today (4 July 2012) aged 89 following a short illness. His impressive body of work includes his hugely popular TV series Sykes And A… with Hattie Jacques which ran from 1960 to 1965, and then from 1972 to 1979. In our own world, he played the role of journalist Horace Harker in The Six Napoleons, the final episode in Granada’s ‘The Return of Sherlock Holmes’ Series 1(1986).

It’s Elementary For Sky

Sky has acquired the UK rights to screen CBS’s Elementary, the new series that sets Sherlock in modern-day New York and introduces a female Watson by his side.  Elementary is due to air in the US this autumn, the same time when it will make its debut here. Sky will be showing it on the Sky Living channel which is accessible for subscribers to Sky or Virgin Media.

You can read what Sky’s own take on it is here and also catch a trailer. You’ll also be able to access Sky Living’s website on our Links page from now on.

And you can see what The Guardian had to say about it on their website.

It’s Sherlock Week

This is Sherlock Week at the Radio Times website, with loads to see and do every day.

It’s Bedlam

Our member Joe Marino is continuing to review Alan Lane’s Young Sherlock Holmes series. Joe has gone through all 4 novels to date, and he’s just added another one – Bedlam. Unlike the others which are all full-length, this is a short read. Bedlam is only available in Kindle format.

You can read all of Joe’s Young Sherlock Holmes reviews including this latest one if you go to our Articles page and click on ‘Reviews: Alan Lane’s Young Sherlock Holmes’ on the drop-down menu. Once you are on that page, just scroll down to Bedlam.

It’s Helping To Save Undershaw

The future of Conan Doyle’s former home Undershaw, at Hindhead in Surrey, still remains uncertain. You can help support the Campaign to save it by buying a new book called Sherlock’s Home: The Empty House (MX Publishing, £9.99).  It’s a collection of short stories, verses etc from Sherlockians and supporters around the world including Mark Gatiss, Gyles Brandreth, Stephen Fry, and Douglas Wilmer. Royalties go to the Undershaw Preservation Trust and the best way to maximise your contribution is to buy the book directly from the link shown here. You can also buy it from and there’s a Kindle version available should you prefer that format.


News Bulletin 85

“It’s moving towards us, Watson.” “Is that serious?” “Very serious, indeed – the one thing on earth which could have disarranged my plans.”

We’re Having A Laugh!

The Peepolykus Theatre Company’s version of The Hound of the Baskervilles will be broadcast on BBC Radio4 (FM only*) this Saturday 7 July 2012 in the ‘Saturday Drama’ slot.  The play is scheduled to start at 2.30pm and is set to run for 6o minutes. This is we understand a revamped version of the Peepolykus stage play (which we know some of you will have seen). And it is an out-and-out spoof so don’t expect anything too serious – it’s certainly not ‘the supreme adventure’ as we know it!

No doubt Alex Kane will have something to say about it in his new weekly Guide (due this Friday evening).

* But also available online and on digital radio, of course.

It’s Down To The Wire For Sherlock!

The BBC’s Sherlock and its leading star have both made it through to the Short List stage of this year’s TV Choice Awards.

You can vote for Sherlock in the Best Drama Series – it’s the third title on the list of four. The competition comes from Downton Abbey, Shameless and Skins.

You can vote for Benedict Cumberbatch for Best Actor. He’s the second name on the list of four. His competitors are Martin Clunes, Colin Morgan and Matt Smith.

Even if you voted in the earlier stage (the Long List) you’ll still need to register your support again if you want Sherlock and Benedict to win. And even if you didn’t vote at that stage, there is nothing to stop you from doing so now.

Just click on the link shown here and scroll through the categories. Best Drama Series is second in the line-up and Best Actor is fourth. You have up to midnight on Friday 13 July 2012 to register your vote. It only takes a few minutes to do it! Vote now!

Greatest On-Screen Sherlock?

Surely it must be either Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett?  Not so, says Danny Bowes, who opines that it’s Benedict Cumberbatch. Even if the article on this link doesn’t interest you, why not take the opportunity to see the first ever (as far as we know) Sherlock Holmes film  – Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1900)?  Blink and you’ll miss this one!