News Bulletin 77

“To act, Sherlock – to act!” cried Mycroft


It’s No Drama Show For BBC’s Hit Series

BBC 1’s Sherlock Series 2 was a massive hit with viewers, all ten million of them, but the opportunity to win a second BAFTA  for Best Drama Series (Series 1 picked up this award in 2011) has received a knock-out blow due to a rules change which BAFTA has introduced this year. To qualify, a drama now has to have between six and nineteen episodes, and, of course, Sherlock is well short of that. Series 2 had only three episodes as did Series 1.

Sherlock has also failed to get a nomination for the new Best Mini-Series category, which would have given it another bite at the cherry, albeit perhaps not just as ripe a one as Best Drama.

BBC Radio 4’s Front Row featured Sherlock in last night’s programme (24 April). You can still catch it on the iPlayer.

While that controversy is going to grab the headlines, at least for a day or two, the better news is that Sherlock has been nominated in three other categories.

Benedict Cumberbatch, for his role as you know who, is up for Best Leading Actor (you may remember he was pipped to the post for that in 2011).

There are two Sherlock nominations in the Best Supporting Actor category with a fight to the finish between Martin Freeman as Watson (or should we say John?), attempting to retain his title, and Andrew Scott as Moriarty.

Sherlock has also been included in the You Tube Audience Awards nominations. This allows the public to vote for their favourite from the list between 19 April and 5pm 24 May 2012.

The 2012 British Academy Television Awards will be held on 27 May at London’s Royal Festival Hall.,3256,BA.html