News Bulletin 75

“I am full of curiosity. I should much prefer to hear it now.” 

Members can follow the stories below marked + in more detail by consulting the latest issue of Mayday Mayday (no.116, March) which was published simultaneously today.

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate – It’s Today!

Thanks to the latest District Messenger (no.320, 11 March), we’ve learnt that the second Great Sherlock Holmes Debate will be held in London today (Sunday, 18 March). Those taking part include writers, actors and other devotees who will be talking about the most recent incarnations of the great detective and contrasting these with the more traditional approach to the canon. The debate is organised by MX Publishing and supports the campaign to save Undershaw, Conan Doyle’s former home. The debate will be recorded and broadcast online.

Sherlock’s Stroke City Show +

An Audience with Sherlock Holmes, a one-man stage play starring Andrew Meller, will be performed in Derry/Londonderry (UK City of Culture 2013) on the evening of Saturday 28 April 2012.

“The Fair Sex Is Your Department, Watson.” +

Asian American Lucy Liu, star of Charlie’s Angels, is being cast in the role of Dr. Watson for a new updating by CBS. The American TV network’s Elementary series, set in present day New York, will also star British actor Jonny Lee Miller.

Fans Fake Finale Frenzy! +

How did Sherlock fake his own death in the final episode of Sherlock Series 2? There’s been no shortage of speculation either in the press or online, a few examples of which you can read here.

DVD Price Drop

If you haven’t already got one, Tesco (instore) is currently selling the Sherlock Holmes (2009) DVD for only £3.50. The price at Amazon was £4.35 when we checked it out yesterday.