News Bulletin 45

“Yes; it struck me as being a little out of the common.”

Horowitz Is Belfast Bound.

Author and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz is coming to Belfast on the evening of 2 November 2011 to launch his new Sherlock Holmes novel, The House of Silk. Please note that the event at the Ulster Museum starts at 7pm. You’ll find further details on the No Alibis (Belfast’s specialist crime bookstore) website.

Demand is likely to be high so those interested are advised to get a ticket from No Alibis (Botanic Avenue, Belfast) as soon as possible. We aren’t scheduling a sailing for this event, more a run ashore, but do hope that our local crew will give it their active support.

You can also find out what Anthony Horowitz has to say about his new book (due 1 November) on his own website.

“Conventional – shockingly so.”

That’s what Sherlock Holmes had to say about Inspector Lestrade in A Study in Scarlet but now it appears that the Scotland Yard detective is about to get his own back for the humiliations (and there were many) he suffered at the hands of Baker Street’s finest. Played by James Fleet, Lestrade will be hooking up with four other detectives in a new 4-part series which starts on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 19 October 2011 at 11.30am.The first episode is The Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe whose detective Auguste Dupin was described by Holmes as a “very inferior fellow.” There’s a small feature in the current Radio Times (w/c 15 October) on page 140 if you want more details.

Sherlock Gets The Red Card!

No gong for the BBC’s Sherlock on this occasion but find out what actually happened here.–sherlock-left-clue-that-prompted-ouster-from-emmys

Does the Hammer Hound Really Rate 5 Stars?

Every time there’s a screening of Hammer’s The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959) starring Peter Cushing, Radio Times give it the 5 star treatment. Some of us think this is at least a star too far– indeed perhaps 3 stars might be nearer the mark. By far the better version is the BBC’s own one from the 1960s TV series, which also starred Peter Cushing. While it’s been available on DVD for some time, the Beeb keep their own copy locked in the vaults, well away from the programme schedulers’ gaze – a crying shame, we think. Anyway, for those who still want to see the cinema version, it was the first in colour of the “supreme adventure,” you’ll find it on Channel 4 on Thursday 20 October 2011 at 1.25pm (see Radio Times w/c 15 October for a very favourable review on page 52).