News Bulletin 41

“Yes, it is very short, but I have made a copy of it, and here it is.”

SH2 – Bigger, Better And Ballsier!

“My collection of M’s is a fine one,” said he. Two key elements in the storyline of  Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows start with the letter M – Moriarty and Marriage. The former might be self-explanatory, the latter concerns Watson’s efforts to tie the knot. M also stands for Mycroft, of course, with Stephen Fry stepping into the role of Sherlock’s older brother. Much of the aforementioned was sourced from Empire magazine which has an 8-page spread on the new movie in its latest issue (October 2011) . You shouldn’t need a magnifying glass to pick it out on the newsstand with Robert Downey Jr. staring out from its front cover. Remember this SH2 issue is only on sale until 28 September 2011.

Conan Doyle: The Unknown Novel Published At Last.

The Narrative of John Smith, Conan Doyle’s first novel, is being published for the first time on 26 September 2011. The publisher is the British Library which is mounting a display in conjunction with the event. The novel can be ordered directly from the BL’s website for £9.95 and is also obtainable from other booksellers ( has it for £9). An Audio book is available at £20 and for those with deep pockets there’s a leather bound edition at £100.

No Smoke Without?

“The research is clear: the more a young person sees smoking in films, the more likely they are to try smoking themselves.”

Silence Is Golden.

Need we say more?

Mea Culpa Dept.

In our last Bulletin the date of the first episode of the BBC Sherlock series broadcast by RTÉ2 was incorrectly stated as Tuesday 16 August 2011. We’ve since learnt that it was in fact Monday 22 August 2011. Everyone together now, and kindly whisper it softly: “Norbury!”