News Bulletin 36

“There are, of course, details to be filled in, but I am certain of all the main facts.”

Sherlock Holmes 2 Trailer – Watch It Now!

Here’s your chance to see the trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (due in cinemas 16 December 2011)

BBC Sherlock – Fancy A Second Helping?

For those who can’t wait for the new series of Sherlock (due this autumn) or who didn’t catch the first one when it was shown last year, or who simply want to watch it again, BBC1 are repeating its BAFTA winning drama series. The debut episode, A Study in Pink (1/3) is scheduled for Wednesday 20 July 2011 at 9pm

“You have explained all but one thing,” cried the colonel. “Where was the horse?”

In case you missed this, the results of the Silver Blaze Wessex Cup at Kempton Park on 6 July 2011 are here,12658,443913,00.html