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News Bulletin 34

‘The same singularly proud and reserved nature which turned away with distain from popular notoriety was capable of being moved to its depths by spontaneous wonder and praise from a friend.’

TV Choice Awards 2011 – It’s The Final Countdown!

The UK’s biggest selling TV listings magazine has revealed that people in their thousands have been voting for their favourites in its 2011 Awards campaign. It has now tallied up the totals and whittled them down to four in each category so everything’s set for the grand finale.

The great news is that the BBC’s Sherlock series has made it through to the shortlist in the Best New Drama category while Benedict Cumberbatch is in the final four choices for Best New Actor.

Any votes you made in the preliminary stage will count for nothing now as you’ll need to vote again to take our heroes to the glittering awards ceremony at London’s Savoy Hotel on 13 September 2011. Voting closes on Friday 8 July 2011. It only takes a few minutes, you don’t have to vote in all the other categories unless you want to, and it’s free. Please support Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch by voting online now at

News Bulletin 33

“This matter is of paramount importance.”

A BAFTA For Brett?

Many of us regard Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes as the definitive on-screen portrayal. Yet incredible as it may seem, BAFTA never recognized this great actor in the appropriate fashion during his lifetime and now claim it’s too late to do so.

Many people don’t agree and are lending their support to an online campaign to get BAFTA to do the right thing. Oscar Ross, in his capacity as Purser, has already signed the online petition on behalf of our own society.

Our member Paul Spiring has written a very moving letter in support of the campaign which you will find at the website address shown below.

Don’t leave it all to others to do the work; you can also play your part by signing the petition at



News Bulletin 32

Isn’t it gorgeous!” said Holmes, grinning over his coffee cup. “What do you think of it?”

Sherlock Sweeps The Board At Bafta Cymru Awards!

BBC One’s Sherlock has won five categories at the twentieth annual Bafta Cymru awards held in Cardiff on Sunday 29 May 2011.

And There’s More To Come?

BBC One’s Sherlock also features prominently in the TV Choice Awards 2011. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are each nominated for Best Actor. The Sherlock series is nominated for Best New Drama. Only one vote in each category is allowed.

You can cut out and send the voting form (pages 9 and 10) in this week’s issue (no.23) of TV Choice (4 – 10 June 2011). Alternatively you can vote on its website  Online voting closes at midnight on Friday 10 June 2011. Postal entries must arrive no later than that date also. TV Choice is the UK’s biggest selling paid-for weekly listings magazine.